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I have problem with monitor flickering and here i found that possible solution is to run gnome-power-manager like this:

gnome-power-manager --no-daemon

For some people this fixed the issues. I am asking what exactly is this --no-daemon function and can it negatively affect the system? Put it other way: can i always run gnome-power-manager with --no-daemon function?

Thx for the answer

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The description of the --no-daemon option from man gnome-power-manager is:


Do not detach gnome-power-manager into the background so that error messages will be displayed on console.

From this it looks like the option is merely preventing gnome-power-manager from forking output into a background process (e.g. it will write to the console rather than a log file or similar), so running with this option shouldn't be a problem.

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Thx for answer. So if i run a command "gnome-power-manager --no-daemon & disown" how can i see error problems since i "disowned" the proccess. – Shark Feb 16 '11 at 10:55

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