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I have just started the three MongoDB replica servers.

  • I do not understand what is this screw value what it should be on which server?
  • Which values should I monitor
  • I have taken 2 screenshots shown below for Primary Mongo DB Server, Secondary Mongo DB Server & Arbiter Mongo DB Server respectively.

               ## Primary Mongo DB Server --- Location : Singapore ##

    enter image description here

           ## Secondary Mongo DB Server --- Location : North Virginia ##

    enter image description here

               ## Arbiter Mongo DB Server --- Location : Singapore ##

    enter image description here

As far as I understand they are in sync very well and all of them are AWS Instances.

  1. I need to know how and what should I monitor?
  2. What kind of maintenance activities should I do & how?

Please feel free to let me know if you need any further info. Thanks in advance!!

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The "skew" column represents how skewed each host perceives the others' system clocks to be relative to its own.

If you're running a version 2.0 or later of MongoDB, these numbers are just for your information and not something to worry about — the servers are aware of the skew and will compensate for it. (See for gory details.)

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