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I have a kubuntu 12.10 installation that I use as a primary work machine. This is a single installation (2 partition OS / Swap).

I need to install windows7 and the majority of tutorials (all) assume that windows is installed first.

Is it possible to use the kde partition manager to shrink the kubuntu partition, add the two required windows partitions and install a 'working' windows7 install?

Do any tutorials exists as I imagine this might be messy...

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Basically, to shrink your partition you'll need a LiveUSB boot to do that, because otherwise those partitions would be mounted and in-use (locked).

After you've shrunken your partition, and set-up a new one for Windows (do it carefully as shuffling/resizing partitions after an install is just a pain and can get risky), you can install Windows safely without losing your Kubuntu setup.

Just make sure you don't let the Windows installer overwrite/format/delete any of your Kubuntu partitions in the process.

After Windows is installed, the MBR of your hard-disk will be overwritten, thus deleting Grub. And you won't be able to boot into Kubuntu. This can easily be fixed though, through yet again a LiveUSB boot.

You can check out this guide to find out instructions to restoring Grub.

As always, read up instructions before doing anything. If you're not sure about something, Google for step-by-step instructions, read it, then ask new questions :)

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