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In short: is there (under Unity) any way to find out which application grabbed some global shortcut? I do not ask for "standard shortcuts" but for some way to get information about actual shortcuts (which app is actually keeping given key just now in my current config)

Longer story:

I have repeatable problems with managing keyboard shortcuts. At the moment:

  • Synapse sometimes (*) can't bind Win-Space as it's activation shortcut, reporting "Failed to register hotkey 'activate' with signature 'space'" (what usually means that this shortcut is already taken)

    (*) After one login it works, after another login it does not. I suspect some race between two apps…

  • F9 for some reason makes my screen slightly darker (and F9 does not reach application-level shortcuts so for example my byobu menu does not work)

I tried looking at various places, and:

  • I do not see any of those shortcuts in Keyboard settings/Shortcuts

  • I can't find them in gconf-editor (I tried searching for F9 in values in particular, nothing found)

  • I could not find them in dconf-editor (there is no search so I clicked some most obvious paths)

So my question is: is there any way to ask unity/dconf/gconf/d-bus/whatever about current global hotkeys allocation (which process is keeping which key). Or force logging those allocations to some log file. Or grep them from somewhere. Or………

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Could you clarify or define (for the purpose of this question) what is meant by global shortcut? –  user25656 Mar 7 '13 at 17:06
The key which I press and which causes something unrelated to the currently active window to happen. For example global shortcut Win-S opens expo view, global shortcut Alt-Tab switches windows, F12 (in my setup) opens tilda drop-down terminal etc etc. And, as I said, whenever I press F9, the screen dims, and I have no clue which app does that and why. And something sometimes grabs Win-space. And in the past I happened to see F12 taken away from tilda (luckily this problem went away). So I'd be happy to have some way to examine those keyboard allocations. –  Mekk Mar 7 '13 at 17:33
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