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In my ubuntu 12.10 it didn't detect my graphic card. When I check the graphics in system settings>details it says none

I've downloaded my driver installer from the NVIDIA website, make it executable, then it ran but it say I doesn't install on a X server..

I read in a blog that I have to download drivers via the software center called jockey. After the installation I couldn't find my driver in the the problem it mentioned if I messed up then it will mess up my boot.

Can't I just use the file I got from nvidia to install it? Speaking of which is it necessary here since I don't play games here and would go for vmware and install my old windows OS there and play the game there instead.


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That doesn't mean the card is not detected. Just use the built in installer, and don't forget to install linux-headers-generic first. – mikewhatever Mar 7 '13 at 16:59
Possible duplicate of How do I install the Nvidia drivers? – Pilot6 Oct 8 '15 at 12:54

First put the downloaded NVIDIA driver in a folder which is easily accessible, for example on the Desktop.

Then switch to a virtual terminal using Ctrl + Alt + F1.

Enter your username and password to login.

Navigate to the folder which you've placed your driver in it, in this case it is Desktop:

cd ~/Desktop/

Now add the permission : execute to the installation file:

sudo chmod +x NVIDIAdriver*.run

replace NVIDIAdriver* with the actual name.

Now stop the X server as the error also mentions the same thing:

sudo service lightdm stop

Now you can go ahead and install the driver simply by typing this command:

sudo ./NVIDIAdriver*.run

Again replace NVIDIAdriver* with the drivers actual name.

Also, graphic cards don't support visualization yet, so you won't get any good performance with WMware.

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Thanks for the reply. So far I've had the linux-headers-generic installed via the software center. And for using the virtual terminal I always end up stuck in it and when I press ctrl+alt+del it restarts the system. I've tried using terminal so far nothing extraordinary appear when I did except that I end up with the virtual terminal and from there I tried entering the last terminal line: "sudo ./NVIDIAdriver*.run" but nothing..from there I couldn't get back to desktop. thanks – Gabino Garcia Mar 8 '13 at 11:13
you can revert back by pressing Ctrl+Alt+f7 but before that you should enter the following command: sudo service lightdm start – Soroosh129 Mar 8 '13 at 11:33

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