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I don't like the netbook interface released with 10.10, so i want to use the old interface (released with Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04). Here how it looks at the moment:

enter image description here

  1. The problem is, that this box is bigger then the others...I've tried to change the font (System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Fonts), but doesn't work.
  2. The icons are pretty big, i have no idea, where i can set the icon size.
  3. Maybe the same as the first problem - the font size is to big and i see only part from the name of the program. Setting other font size via Appearance->Fonts doesn't help.

Can someone give me a hint, what must be changed, to fix this problems?

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I found a solution for the font size problem. I'm using the netbook-launcher-efl, which have two themes: alternative.edj and default.edj, both can be found under /usr/share/netbook-launcher-efl/data/themes. I have extracted the default theme with sudo edje_decc default.edj under /usr/share/netbook-launcher-efl/data/themes and then i've edited the file default/default.edc, lines 9,14 and 19 must be changed. I've changed the lines as follow:

  • Line 9: font_size=14 was replaced with font_size=10
  • Line 14: font_size=12 was replaced with font_size=9
  • Line 19: font_size=12 was replaced with font_size=9

Then i build the theme using sudo sh ./ and copy the new generated default.edj to /usr/share/netbook-launcher-efl/data/themes

I still don't have a solution for the icon size, but this isn't now important. Here the new look:

enter image description here

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to change icon size:

  1. on the (...)/item you want to change:

    part {

        name: "e.swallow.icon";
        description {
           state: "default" 0.0;
           min: 32 32;
           max: 32 32;
        description {
           state: "big" 0.0;
           min: 64 64;
           max: 64 64;
  2. in the start of the group, change min:

    group {

    name: "e/netbook/launcher/main/apps/item";

    min: 64 64;

  3. play with the parameters min and max until they fit your needs.

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