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I've got a wifi network providing local services such as PBX, CIFS, etc. It is useful then you do not have ability (or wish) to entangle you room with wires...

I'd like to connect some (4 exactly) wired IP phones to local PBX using mono-blocks with wifi and ethernet interfaces. Of course, I can think of wifi I phones and, probably, will do so, if I could not get it work.

Straightforward approach to get it done didn't help a bit with something like "can't add wlan0 to bridge br0: Operation not supported". Some kind of NATs or Routing setup is not an option (because of complexity) also, though it is possible.

Do I have any cheats or hacks left to fulfill this ... quest? :-)

... ah, yes: it's Cisco IP PHONE 301 here and Ubuntu 12.04 box with wifi and ethernet hoping to reach wifi connected AsteriskNOW.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Just to confirm,

You have:

Wireless Router (Working fine) Bridge (connected to WiFi PROPERLY AND WORKING) Server/Desktop (connected to bridge PROPERLY AND WORKING) IPPhones (where do you want to connect them?)

Does the server have access to the internet, and are you trying to connect the IPPhones to the server or to the bridge?

Regards, Stefan.

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