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Once I reboot it after the installation, it brings me to a screen to choose Windows 8 or Ubuntu. When I click Ubuntu it brings me to a screen with this options:

  1. Reinstall windows
  2. Change the language or
  3. Repair

And then it brings me back to the GRUB, and then if I pick Ubuntu it does it again.

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Do you mean after the installation of Ubuntu, isn't? – Lucio Mar 6 '13 at 23:36
Insert your live CD and do the repair. – all4naija Mar 7 '13 at 0:03

Pre install windows 8 comes with UEFI secure boot enabled (UEFI which substitutes what we have known as the BIOS) which prevent unrecognized source to boot or Linux

But latest version of Ubuntu have support for the UEFI boot see (you doesn't mention which Ubuntu version you are using)

So there is no problem in dual boot Ubuntu with windows 8

for your convenient (solve your problem ) you can off the UEFI secure boot in some easy step they are

1 ) while holding shift key click on restart option (from power)

2 ) windows will show you option then select Troubleshoot

3 ) select advanced options

4 ) select UEFI frameware settings then disable it after restart

Here is the video

Then you are able to boot ubuntu and even old version of the Linux which couldn’t install before in windows 8 .

in dual boot if you don’t get the windows 8 listed in grub menu then

type following command in terminal while mounting drive which have windows installed

sudo update-grub2

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