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I need to shrink my partition to min-size, like resize2fs -M /dev/sba6 but, it seems that resize2fs does not change the physical partition, just the structure of the filesystem.

parted can resize the partitions but it requires start and end numbers .

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So if there is such a thing, are you going to trust it to do such a sensitive measuring? – Soroosh129 Mar 6 '13 at 18:50

The answer is you have to manually combine the both commands.

The reason is that resize2fs processing the ext{2,3,4} filesystem structure.

resize2fs -M /dev/sba6 will ensure that the end of the underlying partition isn't used any more.

With du /dev/sba6 you will see the amount of used space for the filesystem.

parted /dev/sba print|grep "^ 6" you see the current allocation for the partition.

For the resize operation you can now calculate the correct values.

But this is left as an exercise for you. I will not be blamed that you destroyed your data by an error I have done ;-)

And also be warned: Shrinking is not as much tested as expanding a files ystem.

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