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I'm gonna setup my computer with a new HD config.

I have a 320gb old SATA2 drive with Ubuntu 12.10 + Windows 7.

I'm buying a new 120gb SSD drive today, and my plan is as follows:

SSD - 20gb partition for Ubuntu 12.10 / partition - Rest for Windows 8

Old SATA2 - 120gb for /home Ubuntu 12.10 partition. - Rest for Windows 8

My questions are: - I have 4GB RAM. Should I create a swap partition? If I need to, wher should be the best place, SSD or mechanical drive? - I guess I should install Windows 8 first to avoid W8 stepping onto Grub? - Is it easy to setup Ubuntu to use / in one disk and /home in another?

Thanks in advance!

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The question whether to create a swap partition is directly dependent on how you use your system. If you like to have a lot of programs open at the same time, you definitely need a swap partition. If you're just browsing, then you might not need a swap partition.

It's very easy to setup Ubuntu to use / on one drive and /home on another. You'll have to option to choose these locations during setup.

Before you jump into picking your SSD for specific partitions, have a look at this thread. Poster number 5 explains the pros and cons very well.

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