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I've done a lot of searching for an explanation to this. I have a new computer with Windows 8 pre-installed.

This was my procedure:

  • partition the hard drive from windows 8 to make room for ubuntu
  • burn ubuntu 12.04.2 64bit (this should have UEFI support) to CD
  • disable secure boot
  • boot from cd in uefi mode

Now I get the normal installation interface. However, then I get the option to either erase hard disk and install ubuntu or manuallly partition the drive, but no option to install ubuntu alongside windows 8, as windowns 8 has not been detected.

Would it be alright to just manually partition the drive despite the current OS not being detected, or would there be problems later? Is this something to do with the EFI system partition? Maybe i should try ubuntu 12.10?

I'm a noob btw!

Any help/guidance would be really helpful!

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For the first question, DO NOT PARTITION IT NOW using ubuntu as it is sure to wipe off your windows. If it has not detected windows, it will surely delete the paritions present. Have you created parititons that look greenish-yellow when you right click on "My Computer->Manage->Disk Management"? –  Jobin Mar 6 '13 at 16:08
Hey, thanks for reply. No they're not greenish-yellow at all, they're blue! :S –  sophia Mar 7 '13 at 22:33
what would it mean if they were green-ish yellow? –  sophia Mar 8 '13 at 11:13
If they were greenish-yellow, they would have been logical partitions created by Windows. These are quite abstract partitions as Windows hides a lot of details of these and does not actually create globally-understandable logical partitions which lead to Ubuntu showing that there is no partition and displays the complete partition as one. –  Jobin Mar 8 '13 at 14:20
im in a similar position, but i havent done anything yet, i have 12.04.2 on cd ready.. so should i partition drive first or will this release do it for me?thanks –  Richlewis Mar 8 '13 at 21:07
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