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I can't believe I'm raising this question after years, but after a fresh installation of Ubuntu 12.10, I'm unable to connect Pidgin to Google Talk.

I use a Google Apps domain name, and the settings that I'm using are :

Protocol : XMPP
Username : ****
Domain   : ********.com
Resource : Home

In the advanced tab,

Connection security : Require encryption.
UNCHECK Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted steams
Connect port  : 5222
Connect sever : talk.google.com
File transfer proxies : proxy.eu.jabber.org
Bosh URL : (blank)

In the proxy tab,

No proxy.

I had used these same settings on 12.04 and it had worked like a charm.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Are you using two-factor auth? Do you need to create an app-specific password? –  fluffy Sep 14 '13 at 6:20

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Use the following setting and check if it works:

Connection Security : "Use old-style SSL"
     Connect port   : 5223
     Connect sever  : talk.google.com
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Mine works with the following differences:

Resource: blank

Domain: google.com (unless you are running your own XMPP server on your domain)

Connect server: blank

Proxy type: Use Gnome Proxy Setting

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I had the same problem. I edited the /etc/environment as


and in pidgin, used as use environment variables

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