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I installed Ubuntu (12.10) through Wubi and when I go to the dual boot screen, I choose Ubuntu. But all it does is showing me a Grub menu which says:

this is a minimalistic command (something something..)

and I have only the option to press Tab and see some commands. Nothing works.

Please help me guys. I installed it with Windows 7.

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You landed in the GRUB Shell. this happens if some files are missing or not linked properly (or the bios is too old).

Here is a great tutorial on how to boot your Ubuntu from Grub Shell: , you might have to adapt some things (like the name for the drives, he uses hda , my pc has sda , you have to look what the names on your pc are)

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THAnKYOU!!!!!!!! now i have a new problem ....damn it... no sound :( – Akim Ezra Mar 6 '13 at 13:11
What does the "Sound" page in Options say? Maybe you have to install the driver manually, try to get a linux driver for the soundcard (don't know what your soundcard is, so can't help you more, sorry) – Belogron Mar 18 '13 at 6:28

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