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I am pretty much a newbie, but I have set up an old pc to run Ubuntu as a file and print server in the home. So far everything is working great, but I want to be able to download files to the server, and control the download manager from another computer. Right now I just use wget in the terminal.

Is there a good program that does this remotely from a web interface or do I need to figure out how to access my terminal from another computer and continue to use wget? And if so, are there good instructions on how to set that up?


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Aria2 is a terminal app but it has a webgui that you can use...if you can put your install of the webgui online then you could use that or if you are just working of a LAN then it could work that way too...though either way you will need to ssh or something into the computer to use these things.

There is not a simple solution right now but Aria2 does allow remote control through RPC. -

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