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I keep seeing people saying make; make install is bad. I can't seem to find anyone with a reasonable explanation.

So, why is it bad? Or why does people tend to say "It's bad, use clear install instead" or alike?

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clean install not clear install but I see that stmt in relation to a re-install of Ubuntu not in case of installing a package. Are you not mixing things up? –  Rinzwind Mar 5 '13 at 11:19
Could be. My apologies in that case. –  Frederik Spang Mar 5 '13 at 11:45

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You need make and make install to compile a software.

For the daily use it is better to run apt-get install to install a pre-compiles package. It's easier to use and ist easier to uninstall or check the version, etc. I think this is what people mean with "clear install", but I'm not sure.

But sometimes you need to install a software and there is no pre-compiled package in the repository or a installer for the package. In this case you will have to use configure, make and make install.

This is why I wouldn't say "it's bad". It is not the best way to install for dayly use, but sometimes it is just necessary.

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