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I am trying to setup a dual monitor settings in ubuntu which will extend the desktop over two monitors. That means single panel, single launcher over two monitors.

Actually I was going to setup two monitors as single large display monitor.

I tried the normal display settings and it has options for mirroring and two separate screens , but this doesnot satisfy my need.

Can I use my two monitors as a single monitor ? i.e when window is maximized or changed to fullscreen mode I want it to span over both the monitors.

I have nvidia graphics cards and i have used twinview mode and Separate X screen modes but my need is not fulfilled my using those settings.

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I have made it work with Nvidia graphics card, where I enabled the Xinerama feature and it works like a magic. But I am having hard time with ATI radeon graphics card, Xinerama feautre is not working like with Nvidia –  s.m Mar 26 '13 at 2:39

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