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I just installed Ubuntu 12.04.2 on a Gateway system. It has Intel i386 82865G onboard graphics. I've downloaded these drivers from the Intel page, they have "Linux" label, no specific version, the filename is "20030425-i386.tar.gz".

Being new to Ubuntu and Linux in general, I need help with how to install these drivers... thanks!

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Are any drivers suggested when you open Dash (the "search" button) > Software Sources (type it to the search) > Additional Drivers? If it suggests something, install them. Compiling drivers from a source (the file you have downloaded) is often tough even for non-newbies. – pileofrocks Mar 5 '13 at 7:27

First install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (eg. 12.04.2), and see what drivers it already has. Then for any other device (or feature), ask on this forum.

Just downloading 'generic Linux' drivers may not help very much. These at least need to be for Debian (Ubuntu is based on this) or RedHat/Fedora (the other main variant). Then you are going to have to modify and configure them to suit the environment (OS) ..

What is going to work is a driver for the specific device and the specific variant of Linux (and 32/64bit, etc.). Anything else may not help you very much.

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