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Trying to get a client functioning until DELL will send her system restore media. The Original HDD failed only after 1yr 6mos of light use (the system was a print server for 3 hours a day) with out any symptom or warning.

I have a known good 400GB HDD and 80GB HDD. The problem: Ubuntu will not see either to install. All the live DVD detects is itself and no other devices. Each drive will appear correctly in POST and BIOS. I have tried different SATA Ports with no difference, and I only connect one HDD at a time.

The system is a generic Inspiron 620s:

Core i3 4GB DDR3 1333

It had windows 7 64-bit and I have had nothing but licensing problems with DELL and MS when using an ISO or OEM to restore it.

While this is not truly critical, my client has been inconvenienced for three months now because DELL refuses to send her recovery media for whatever reason.

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