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I have been using U1 to sync my Documents folder across my desktop and laptop (both Ubuntu, both syncing to ~/Documents). However, edited files are disappearing. For a sample file foo.lyx:

  1. Create foo.lyx on my laptop, save it, close LyX and suspend laptop
  2. foo.lyx is synced to desktop, appears in ~/Documents
  3. Open foo.lyx on desktop, edit, and save
  4. Close LyX program on desktop (so file is not active)
  5. Awaken laptop, let files sync
  6. foo.lyx no longer exists on laptop ~/Documents
  7. Neither is foo.lyx.u1conflict or similar
  8. Download foo.lyx from U1 website
  9. Save foo.lyx in original location, after next sync, foo.lyx is gone again
  10. Re-download and save as foo2.lyx, which persists

I have not tried this to see if it happens with non-lyx files, but it has happened several times to different .lyx files in different sub-directories. The ~/Documents is only synced between these two computers.

Any ideas why this is happening and how I can avoid it? Renaming these files is messing with the inter-document links, not to mention the small moments of terror when a chapter vanishes.

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