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I have a HP compaq CQ58, with Win 8 preinstalled. I want to install Ubuntu on a different partition, and I have tried both with Ubuntu 10.12 and with Linux Secure Remix, I have disabled Secure Boot on the computer and made it bootable from cd, but it always says 'booting device failed, no volume label'. What did I get wrong? Thanks in advance

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Means your computer is unable to read the cd rom... are you sure you burned the cd/dvd right? did you burn is as an ".iso" ? – user137567 Mar 4 '13 at 18:12

I installed Ubuntu 12.10 recently to dual boot with Win 7 on a new partition. I got errors when trying to install while booting from the disc also so instead of installing it from the disc, I made a new folder & added wubi along with the installation ISO to it. After that I clicked on wubi & it installed perfectly from the ISO file.

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