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I tried to do a dual-boot install of 12.04 on a machine running Windows Vista.

I get no option of booting Ubuntu, and Windows will try to boot but fail. I selected Windows as the default OS in advanced option.

I tried running Boot-Repair, which said it ran successfully, but no luck.

It returned a URL of http://paste2.org/p/3036785

I would really like to recover the ability to run Vista, but as a last resort will try a clean install of Ubuntu 12.04.

How do I resolve this?

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A few questions:

What is that for a bootloader in sda3? Is it really a bootloader? (l. 290)

At the moment the notebook doesn't even start any OS?

So grub seems OK, but it says it is booting from sda2, your Windows, that seems strange, as you probably didn't install grub onto your NTFS filesystem...

(Sorry for not posting it as a comment, still missing the reputation needed)

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