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Resulting from a discussion over at the Graphic Design StackExchange site about if and how to justify text it is generally concluded that justification is preferred if the text is hyphenated in a proper way (to avoid whitespaces and rivers).

The related questions are

Justification and hyphenation without proper time and tools?

Readability and appeal of justified text

Does hyphenation increase legibility?

An answer to the first link suggests LaTeX but I wonder if there are other programs or tools (for example an extension for LibreOffice) to hyphenate text.

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Hyphenation is implemented in LibreOffice Writer 3.5. Go to Format > Paragraph... > Text Flow to adjust the settings. There are also settings (perhaps defaults) at Tools > Options > Language Settings > Writing Aids, in both the Available Language Modes and Options panels.

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It's important to remark that you need specific packages for hyhenation. For instance, if you want Italian hyphenation, you will need to install hyphen-it (it's available from the Ubuntu repositories); if you want English (US) hyphenation, install hyphen-en-us. This and the answer avobe should solve your problem. – Alfredo Hernández Mar 5 '13 at 21:54

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