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I have been attempting to install android os on an hp touchpad running the webos system.I m pretty much a newbie at this but I ve been trying to install the novacom driver into ubuntu and dont think I m doing it right...Has anyone done this before?can you tell me the simplest way to install novacom into ubuntu 12.04 because I m just not achievinh it I feel.It keeps telling me I ll see a palm,inc folder when the driver is installed correctly but I dont see that folder.Also after downloading it and doubleclicking the package I havent yet got the option to install it...I attempted once to hook the hp touchpad by usb after what i thought was a correct novacom install but the computer didnt recognize the touchpad so it couldnt have been right.Any help is much appreciated.I m running ubuntu 12.04 64bit

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This may help you:

The article describes the installation of webOS SDK specific for the Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS on 32 bits.

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I figured it out and your link is awesome information.When I ran this from a terminal on desktop it couldnt find the driver no matter what path Iset,however when i opened the folder where the novacom driver was then opened terminal from there it worked flawlessly – robert Mar 31 '13 at 19:22

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