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I don't seem to find a working tutorial on how to install winexe, which is a program that allows for execution of commands on a Windows machine remotely from a Linux machine. None of the tutorials I've followed so far has worked on my Ubuntu 12.04.

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From the read me:

Here you can find source files(tar.gz). Precompiled packages for different systems and repositories are available at "Build Service":http://build.opensuse.org/project/repositories?project=home:ahajda:winexe.

This gets me to:


and a debian installer for 12.10 and 12.04. Looks to me you can install it with Ubuntu software center:

enter image description here


enter image description here

I do not see a problem installing it (nor the need ;) ):

winexe version 1.00
This program may be freely redistributed under the terms of the GNU GPLv3
Usage: winexe [-?] [-?] [-?] [-?NP] [-?NPV] [-?|--help] [--usage] [-d|--debuglevel DEBUGLEVEL]
    [--debug-stderr] [-s|--configfile CONFIGFILE] [--option=name=value]
    [-l|--log-basename LOGFILEBASE] [--leak-report] [--leak-report-full]
    [-R|--name-resolve NAME-RESOLVE-ORDER]
    [-O|--socket-options SOCKETOPTIONS] [-n|--netbiosname NETBIOSNAME]
    [-S|--signing on|off|required] [-W|--workgroup WORKGROUP]
    [--realm=REALM] [-i|--scope SCOPE] [-m|--maxprotocol MAXPROTOCOL]
    [-U|--user [DOMAIN/]USERNAME[%PASSWORD]] [-N|--no-pass]
    [--password=STRING] [-A|--authentication-file FILE] [-P|--machine-pass]
    [--simple-bind-dn=STRING] [-k|--kerberos STRING] [-V|--version]
    [--uninstall] [--reinstall] [--system]
    [--runas=[DOMAIN\]USERNAME%PASSWORD] [--runas-file=FILE]
    [--interactive=0|1] [--ostype=0|1|2] //host command
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The need is that my Ubuntu is the backup center for my Windows and my Mac and when Ubuntu has finished backing up files from Windows and Mac (via mounted cifs/samba folders) it may need to execute some commands remotely. No problems with Mac, my backup script can simply SSH into it from Ubuntu, but if you want Windows to shutdown or hibernate automatically after backup is complete (nightly backup) there are no other ways other than installing winexe on Ubuntu or SSH on Windows. –  Desmond Hume Mar 3 '13 at 13:48
Thank you, but when I search for winexe in my Ubuntu Software Center (12.04) I see No items match "winexe". Any suggestion? –  smhnaji Nov 10 '13 at 6:49
Also it's much more appreciated if you tell us the commands that we should execute to install winexe. Thank you again. –  smhnaji Nov 10 '13 at 6:55
No, just download the deb! Then click it and let software center handle it. No commands needed ;) –  Rinzwind Nov 10 '13 at 10:03

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