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I have a AMD/ATI Radeon 7800 series VGA card.

I looked up ow to install the drivers under Ubuntu but could not work out how to do it.

I want to install the proprietary Fglrx driver.

The guide I followed was this one.

I used the: 2. Installation via the Ubuntu repositories

It said to get the fglrx-installer

I downloaded it (I wasn't even sure if was the correct one, I got 2:9.000-0ubuntu3 which stated it was the stable release.)

When I clicked on that it took me to this page: FGLRX driver download Ubutu

On this page it gave me 3 more download options. I choose the first one: Download files from current release (2:9.000-0ubuntu3)

fglrx-installer_9.000.orig.tar.gz (106.7 MiB)
fglrx-installer_9.000-0ubuntu3.debian.tar.gz (42.2 KiB)
fglrx-installer_9.000-0ubuntu3.dsc (1.5 KiB)

I assume the first one was the correct one.

Now how do I install it?

The guide says to use the Hardware drivers Manager, but I can not find it.

So basically, I'm asking if I have the correct files? Secondly where is the Hardware drivers manager, and once I find that how do I install the driver for the card?

Unless someone has another way of doing it that is easier?

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Unzip the file (right click then uncompress or unarchive) and then double click on the .deb file which will open the softwares manager.

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Thanks, I can unzip, but there is no .deb file after i unpack it, i went right through all the sub folders I downloaded the fglrx-installer_9.000.orig.tar.gz (106.7 MiB) as i think this is the correct driver? is that the correct driver for the 7800 radeon? – Billythebat Mar 18 '13 at 20:48

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