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I've installed Ubuntu successfully after trying four times due to it hanging frequently during installation. (having the screen go wild) so I tried for the fourth time installing via removing the first three installations and reinstall ubuntu 12.10 without internet connection so it quits getting files during installation.

I've finally installed ubuntu but when I booted back it loads the grub boot since I have 100 mb partitioned from my previous windows installer. It's suppose to be a system reserved partition for it's boot so I guess ubuntu sees that and made it like I'm dual booting.

But I have only ubuntu installed and I don't know how to just boot to ubuntu without going through grub. So I re-install ubuntu? If so how should I go with the installation. Now I've formatted the disk that has the system reserved and it's just a blank ntfs disk.

Speaking of which I should probably add this question too. SATA doesn't have that master drive/slave hierarchy that tells that this disk is the main and the other not right? How does it always detects my storage disk as the main and it always insist that I install ubuntu there. Even when installing windows 7 it always has to make a boot partition on that disk when I didn't ask it too.

Please help, thanks

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