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so I am running ubuntu 12.10 on an HP G6 that has intel hd graphics and i5-2430m processor. Not sure why but Ubuntu runs hotter than windows 7 by a lot. I dont see what the problem could be though.

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It is strange that there is a significant difference in temperature between the two OSes if they are running on the same machine, so you should try and locate what could be causing the temperature difference. You can view the processes currently running along with the memory and processing they are taking with a utility such as "top" in the terminal. If you notice any process taking a large portion of CPU or memory that could be the issue. Alternatively you should make sure that your fan and computer innards are relatively dust free so that your fan is able to function properly. If you aren't already, you might try using the temperature reading from this method to see if it is different: How do I get the CPU temperature?

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