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I've installed the Rails 2.3.14 package by running:

sudo apt-get install rails

It is working fine. But after that I installed the Rails 3.2.9 gem by running:

gem install rails

In the terminal, rails -v gives me rails 2.3.14. If I run these two commands,

. ~/.bash_profile
rails -v

then I get rails 3.2.9.

I don't know what exactly is happening. Now I want just the Rails 3.2.9 gem. What should I do to get that?

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So you want to uninstall Rails 2.3.14?

Try this: gem uninstall rails and it should show you all the versions and you pick the one you want to uninstall.

if that doesn't work try sudo apt-get remove rails

For more help try this thread as I'm in a similar boat trying to install rails correctly (just installed Ubuntu):

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Better to follow this blog to install Ruby on Rails this way as I didn't have any issues when I followed step by step the blog said:

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