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I tried to install Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04 through Wubi in Windows 7.

Even after I disable the firewall and antivirus I get this error again and again.

Invalid Tag data . check len(D=1,(ord(d) & 128)==128. recvd -> (<>

It becomes unable to install. I tried to install to c drive and e drive also.

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I have the same problem ( exactly), Im trying to intall on both dell windows 7 machine along with a netbook. I receive the exact same error message! I think Im gonna post a thread on reddit in a alittle. So frustrating and their many boards about this issue. – user11242 Feb 22 '11 at 1:08

Though it's Mint Linux oriented, maybe this help:

If you read the tread it's about a workaround to disable internet connection during install or using --skipmd5check switch.

However I am not sure it's the really same issue, but they seems to be similar.

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You have to disconnect the internet conection while installing (unplug your LAN cable or switch your wireless lan off).

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