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Is there a way with juju commands to clear the juju charm cache for a particular charm from a running bootstrap node?

I'm writing a charm and for during development when I've made changes to a charm but don't commit a revision update I want to be able to iterate quicker.

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You can use the -u option to juju deploy to speed iteration during development of your charms:

  -u, --upgrade         Deploy the charm on disk, increments revision if


juju deploy -u charm-name
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Does this actually force juju's charm cache to clear itself? For example, I tried the -u switch after rewriting a charm and resetting its revision 0. Juju kept using its cached version and would not take my new version from disk. – mars Mar 29 '13 at 15:53
It doesn't clear the cache, but it should force the updated version to be deployed... – sarnold Apr 3 '13 at 4:41

I recently tried this and got:

$ juju deploy -u --repository=./charms local:trusty/node-app openmotion

Added charm "local:trusty/node-app-24" to the environment. --upgrade (or -u) is deprecated and ignored; charms are always deployed with a unique revision.`

So it seems -u is no longer necessary, at least as of juju 1.18.

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