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I have an Asus Zenbook UX31A, the Asus 13" unit from first generation ultrabooks. I run Ubuntu 12.10 up to date on it.

Before a week or two I used to enjoy more that 5 hours of battery life, especially when watching movies with VLC and hardware accelerated playback. I can't link my issue to some update I did but for several days now and after about 2 to 3 hours, my laptop shutdown abruptly without warning for critical nor low battery level.

I suspect this is battery related since the battery charge curve show that the battery charge plummets from 50-40% to 0% before the shutdowns. Upon reboot, I have to run a "killall Xorg" since the greeter won't load and drop me to something like a black console with lines about battery I can't remember on top of my head right now and an arrow cursor.

After a while, usually 1 to 3 minutes, the laptop shutdown again.

I can't pinpoint the component that cause this. I know it's a software problem since after such an event I can't run it for at least 1h30 in Windows without issues. I lost patience after that but it reported still 1h of autonomy when I powered it off.

Any hint on how to solve or at least identify the culprit ? Any log I can check maybe ?


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Do you get any issues in Windows as well? –  Wilf 11 hours ago
you might also, if you're tchnically inclined. remove the battery, boot, clean shutdown, reinstall the battery, boot and test further as this has worked in the past for me to get accurate readings on my laptop batteries just make sure to check accuracy against what windows determines your battery charge to be –  heypaleblue 2 mins ago

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