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I just installed 12.04 and can not watch YouTube.

I was advised to install "Ubuntu restricted extras" from Ubuntu Software Center. But, during the installation, I got the warning that Libav codec library ( libav codec 53 ) and Libav utility Library ( libav util 51 ) should be removed before installing "Restricted Extras".

How do I go about removing these libraries? Thank You for Your patience.

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You can use synaptic as a Graphical User Interface (How to install Synaptic Package Manager?) or the commandline to find and uninstall these libraries.

In the commandline do apt-cache search libav. See what libraries are found and remove (or purge) these as follows sudo apt-get remove packageName where you replace packageName with the results you found and want to delete.

After the removal you might want to run sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get autoremove. Note that any software depending on libav might either no longer be fully functional or might be removed.

Enjoy an libav-free system.

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