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For the longest time I have been convinced that it is not possible to move windows between X displays, and this question has been asked a few times only to be shot down as here: Cannot move monitors between monitors

But, I noticed a few days ago that if you use the 'gimp' program, each of the windows actually contains an option to move itself to any of the available X displays on your machine.

Anyone have an idea of what it's doing? Is it really destroying the window and creating a new one from scratch, or is there some hidden shell trick that can be extracted?

Idisplay magic ftw

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I have just answered a similiar question here:

In short, this can be done at least in GTK. Although it depends on the application itself to do so, as written in Arch's wiki:

With this configuration it is not possible to move windows between screens, apart from a few special programs like GIMP and Emacs which have multi-screen support.

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ok so I guess it is not easily possible. What about this, can I make "switch desktop" be limited to only one of the screens in twinview mode? e.g. hitting cntrl-alt-right should only shift the current screen's desktop, not both twinview monitors. – peter karasev Apr 29 '13 at 5:38

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