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Under prior versions of Ubuntu (not sure which) an Alt-key combination activates the application menu and show a corresponding sub-menu. For example, pressing Alt-F from most applications expands the File submenu (which might show Open with O underlined, Save with S underlined, etc.). (This is behavior also common to Windows.)

Under 12.10 the menu mnemonics are underlined only for submenus. However, no such mnemonics appear for the top level menu. For example, for Chrome, I just see the words File, Edit, View, History, Help, and nothing has underlines. This behavior exists regardless of the application.

Is this a new design feature of Unity, or is there a way to reactivate the application's toplevel menu mnemonics?

I found unity top menu keyboard shortcuts for desktop alone, no programs running; this looks like a very similar problem (if not the same), but doesn't offer a satisfactory resolution. I want to be able to continue using a single key-combination (e.g. Alt-F) to be able to see the appropriate corresponding submenu.


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