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with gnome-fallback and classic gnome shell, we had gnome applets available, but not in Unity. There was a system monitoring applet there that I could see may CPU and network bandwith used. I'm pretty sure that I can not have the same applets in Unity, at least not yet, from Can I use GNOME applets in Unity?. But how can I have such functionality with unity that shows me my system status in the upper panel? Or how can I create such thing?

Edit: One possible way might be to create a program to monitor network and changing icon in notification area is one way in order to show status.

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In this case I found another package that ported gnome classic applet (with some changes) for Unity. It is named indicator-multiload and it available from default Ubuntu repositories. I installed it by

sudo apt-get install indicator-multiload

More informations can be seen here

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answering to your generic question about gnome applets, you can look at this question

basically you run gnome-panel, remove what you dont want from it with alt+super+rightClick and add what you want too; now I can finally access the "cpu frequency scaling monitor" after more than a year...

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