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Ive been at this all week. ive tried installing ubuntu first, windows first, installing to separate drives, installing to the same drive with partitions and i cant get anything to work right.

current setup i have windows7 installed on a 120gb ssd. i installed ubuntu to a 500gb hdd and let it do automatic partitioning. i can choose these seprate drives in my bios and boot from one or the other that way but i cant get grub2 to work or the windows boot loader. the windows boot loader just shoots me to grub and grub2 says error invalid EFI file path when i try to boot windows.

i booted into ubuntu and did sudo update-grub still doesnt work. i installed easybcd on the windows side but no luck there either.

Also here is a boot summary from boot rapair http://paste.ubuntu.com/5574958/

help would be greatly appreciated and i swear ive searched high and low but i cant seem find an answer to my problem.

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