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I don't really enjoy Evince, and I use Okular for my pdf needs.

Okular is nice, but when I open a document with it, it's not added to my recent documents, nor appear in the fast dash file search (it does appear after a while when the locate search is activated).

I expect Okular to register his things with Nepomuk instead of Zeitgeist.

Is it possible to get either Okular or Nepomuk give that info to Zeitgeist?

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Does Okular's .desktop file (/usr/share/applications) have a line like OnlyShowIn=KDE? If you comment that out, does it show in the Dash? No idea about it not populating the recent documents list. – user25656 Feb 28 '13 at 15:13
@vasa1: Sorry, I didn't explain it rigth. Okular does appear in the Dash. After I open a document in Evince it appears in the recent documents section of the Dash, but if I open it with Okular (likely because it's not zeitgeist aware) it doesn't. – Javier Rivera Feb 28 '13 at 16:04
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Sadly at the moment it is not. The integration of Zeitgeist with KDE isn't that good. It needs more work.

More info

There is a library named libqzeitgeist which can be used for gluing applications with zeitgeist. Sadly the library (gluing code) exists, but not used that much. I had plans on working on it, but got stuck up in other work.

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