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I'm not working with Ubuntu any more, but I figured since my uninstalling Ubuntu caused this, I figured the community could help me.

Ubuntu 32-bit was not working in multiple areas for me, and I could not find any fixes, so I came to the decision to uninstall Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit. I went to my Windows 7 partition like normal, opened my partitions, and deleted the partition that had Ubuntu on it. Big mistake on my part.

I was unaware that the Ubuntu partition held the grub boot-up files. So after I restarted my computer, I got the following black screen error:

error: unknown filesystem

grub rescue>

I Googled this issue and discovered that there was no way to fix it but to reinstall my original operating system, Windows 7. I'm all right with doing that--I know how to burn an ISO image to a CD--but I just have one question.

Will I be able to access and retrieve my backup that I made a few days ago on Windows 7? My family has pictures (about 10 GB worth) on there that we can't replace. Any help would be appreciated.

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