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I have ubuntu 12.04.02 with kde 4.10 with 3d effects. I have a recent very fast PC. I have a ATI msi R6870 video card fglrx proprietary drivers 13.1. I have used video tearing option to reduce video tearing.

I would like to know the best quality video settings for vlc or smplayer for HD mkv videos. In particular I have seen these settings:

  • video output/output driver
  • accelerated video output (overlay)
  • deinterlacing and deinterlacing type
  • gpu accelerated decoding and other codecs options
  • filters (i think sharpen is good maybe)
  • and other Advanced Video settings


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  • video output/output driver: OpenGL GLX video output (XCB)

  • Accelerated video output (Overlay): On

  • Deinterlacing: On

  • Deinterlacing: Yadif (x2)

    Note: If Yadif (x2) too powerful and lags, use Bob instead, perhaps with 'Automatic' setting]

  • Use GPU accelerated decoding: Yes

  • Video quality post-processing level: 6

If lag persists; Skip H.264 in-loop deblocking filter: All

  • x264 preset and tuning selection: ultrafast and zero latency


  • Tools -> Preferences -> 'Advanced'/'All' settings -> Input / Codecs -> Video Codecs -> x264 -> Integer pixel motion estimation method

    • Default is hex, use umh for higher quality.
  • Value below 'hex' or 'umh' is Maximum motion vector search range. Default: 16

    • Set anywhere between 16-64.

    • Personally, I've found that hex set at 64 outdoes umh set at 32, and creates less lag.

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