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I have an EPSON(AL-CX11) printer that used to work with Linux, but at some point, at a Linux kernel version, it stopped working.

I can install the printer without errors, but when sending a test page, it doesn't print. As if it never receives the printing assignment.

Question: How can I get my EPSON-AL-CX11 to work with Ubuntu.

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Doesn't work for me anymore. Installation successful, printing testpage status "successful" but not page print at all. 13.10/64 bit here. I am very very disappointed by Ubuntu. :-( PS I don't even know how to debug such a problem. No best practice tutorial found. PPS The good news: xsane via network works now. Whatsoever. – brubaker Mar 12 '14 at 10:57

Install Epson AL-CX11 Printer Driver

  1. Go to Epson Download Center
  2. Search for AL-CX11.
  3. Download the Source file for AcuLaser CX11 for CUPS : Epson-ALCX11-filter-1.1.tar.gz
  4. Install required dependencies and build environment:

    sudo apt-get install libcups2-dev build-essential libstdc++5 bc

  5. in the terminal cd to the directory where you downloaded the tar file and type this:

    tar -zxvf Epson-ALCX11-filter-1.1.tar.gz

    cd Epson-ALCX11-filter-1.1

    sudo ./configure

    sudo make install

  6. Now the driver is installed and you can simply add the printer using the System > Administration > Printing menu.

  7. Your printer should show up in the list when you click add new printer button. Select it and just click forward
  8. The recommended driver is already selected so click forward and finish adding the printer.
  9. You may get an error about not installed, don’t worry. Now copy the files alcx11, and from /usr/local/bin to /usr/lib/cups/filter:

    sudo cp /usr/local/bin/*cx11* /usr/lib/cups/filter/

  10. Print a test page, It Works!

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As Fedora 23 user I just had to install the both rpm packages (filter and filter cups) from the Epson driver page and execute the following selinux command: setsebool -P cups_execmem 1. – erik Dec 28 '15 at 16:30

Run following command to find out missing libraries afterwards.

/usr/local/bin/ PageSize=A4 XY600=5100×6600 MediaType=normal TonerSave=false InputSlot=cassette1 Collate=on Copies=1 Color=color Resolution=600dpi XY600=5100×6600

I had 64 bit system, needed to install 32 bit libraries to get it working.

How to install 32 bit libraries see following answer I just replaced libstdc++6:i386 with libstdc++5:i386 here:

How to run 32-bit app in Ubuntu 64-bit?

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