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I hear people in Ask Ubuntu talk about software called true crypt. I know it is used to for encryption but I do not know more.

  1. How does it encrypt data?
  2. Is it available for Ubuntu
  3. How can I use it?
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Also, see the answers for this question, as they should be useful regarding truecrypt. – user76204 Feb 27 '13 at 15:15
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TrueCrypt creates TrueCrypt volume containers (encrypted files) where you store your secret data. Later you can mount it like any other volume, by providing the password/keyfile. The good thing is that it works "on the fly", in other words, it encrypts/decrypts the data in RAM before making changes to disk, as you write/read files to/from the volume. It can also encrypt full partitions/drives. For the documentation, see:

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As you said it is a software for encryption, for more information you'd better have a look at

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