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sudo apt-get install clamcour
Leyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho
Creando árbol de dependencias
Leyendo la información de estado... Hecho
E: No se ha podido localizar el paquete clamcour

It says Can not localize the package clamcour, I updated the OS, and also uncommented the repositories on sources.list. What can I do to install clamcour on this server? Thanks in advance.

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Looks like this should be "Can not locate the package" instead of "localize" . – belacqua Feb 14 '11 at 7:24
@user10778 Any particular reason to use clamcour? You'll have to replace exim with Courier first.... – belacqua Feb 14 '11 at 7:24

That's beacause it's not in the repositories, you need to build it from source.

Download it first

and then:


  • · cd build
  • · cmake ..
  • · make
  • · make install
  • · type "filterctl start clamcour" ... check your mail log for clamcour activation.
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