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This problem has been bothering me for 2 days and hope you guys can give me some advice.

I try to set up as my mail service. And of course it require me to update my MX record to point to Microsoft's server.

And now, the problem is, no matter how I set the MX record, the value always end with my domain name. For example my domain is and I'm using BIND 9.7.3. Please refer the script below. But when I query using nslookup either using command line or online tool. I get the exchange value as I tried the same thing on another server at a different datacenter and it turns out to be fine.

Do you guys have any idea what's wrong here? Is it my new server's BIND default setting problem or the network provider setting that effect it?

@   IN  SOA (
            1D )
                IN              NS    
                IN              NS    
                IN              MX              10
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yes, same thing happens here, but I just ignored it. – Soroosh129 Feb 27 '13 at 8:55

Solved this problem by adding an dot (.) at the end of the MX record. Example:

            IN              MX              10
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