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I am trying to deploy Marco Ceppi's discourse charm from this link however running "juju deploy discourse" yields the following output:

pgrace@shaman:~$ juju deploy discourse
2013-02-26 20:49:05,541 INFO Searching for charm cs:precise/discourse in charm store
2013-02-26 20:49:06,076 ERROR Error processing 'cs:precise/discourse': entry not found

I feel as though I'm missing something. Executing juju deploy lp:~marcoceppi/charms/precise/discourse/trunk yields this result:

pgrace@shaman:~$ juju deploy lp:~marcoceppi/charms/precise/discourse/trunk
2013-02-26 20:50:25,781 ERROR Bad charm URL 'lp:~marcoceppi/charms/precise/discourse/trunk': invalid schema (URL inferred from 'lp:~marcoceppi/charms/precise/discourse/trunk')

Is there a certain syntax to loading charms not in the charm store?

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I've updated the readme to reflect the proper way to currently deploy Discourse since I don't plan on landing this in the store until upstream comes out with a solid 1.0 release. – Marco Ceppi Feb 27 '13 at 14:24
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Seems like the README is written as if the charm is in the store, but it's not yet:

juju deploy cs:~marcoceppi/precise/discourse

Will do what you want in the meantime. This isn't very obvious or user friendly, so I filed this bug.

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