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Site: https://wiki.ubuntu.com

When you attempt to go to the HTTP wiki site, the HTTP server sends a "Moved Permanently" response forcing the browser to use HTTPS/SSL, but the certificate being provided by the HTTPS is not correct. The certificate has the following properties:

CN: *.canonical.com

SAN: *.canonical.com, canonical.com

Both of these are invalid because the domain name of the site is wiki.ubuntu.com

I have not visited this site for a while, but today I was trying to reach a page about IPv6.

Questions: (1) Is this change recent? (2) Is this certificate expected?

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I verified this behavior is not occurring on other computers. I know why it may be happening in my environment. SSL Decryption by a trusted source. Still not exactly sure what is going on. –  andrew515 Feb 26 '13 at 16:09