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Is it possible to install Windows XP with Ubuntu 12.04 on master drive. And Windows 7 with Pardus 2011 on slave drive?

If so, can you provide instructions on how to go about doing so? I had to wipe both my drives because the MBR got screwed up somehow. I tried fixing, but no luck.

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Whenever the going gets rough partition-wise (independent of your OS) you may want to turn to Terabyte Unlimited with its excellent products and near-immediate support. BootIt allows you to boot up to 200 (!) primary (!) partitions.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated etc, just a long-time happy customer of theirs. Good luck!

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That looks like a great software nutty. But I was wondering if "GRUB 2" was able to pull this off, and if somebody knew how to pull this off. Also Terabyte cost $$$. No biggie, but why pay if it could be done for free. Peace. And Thank You. – user135796 Feb 27 '13 at 11:41
Sure, I too would be curious to see a corresponding conventional partition table (incl. a shared SWAP partition?) for GRUB. - Still, just one more word on TBI and Bootit: I think I paid like 50 $ at the time for the bundle and a lifetime licence, incl. support... IMHO it's massively underpriced and undervalued. And I'm HAPPY to pay for good and reliable software (and/or support); not all programmers manage to survive "non-profit" and on "thin air". They too need to eat sth and sleep somewhere... – nutty about natty Feb 27 '13 at 11:50
...and w.r.t. fixing a screwed MBR: again, it's Terabyte Unlimited who've made some IT-experts (check for instance) scream for joy after days of tears and despair... btw, I came about it after Acronis (another $$$) produced a backup-restore which wouldn't boot... – nutty about natty Feb 27 '13 at 11:54

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