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Is there any app that I can use to do Google Hangout from within my Ubuntu Desktop like Skype?

Also, How can I integrate Google+ account with Ubuntu?

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There is currently no desktop native app for Google Hangouts. As far as I am aware all usage for Google Hangouts is done through a web browser.

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The hybrid desktop-plugin + browser combo provides the desktop style experience, as noted in several of the other answers. Specifically, William Hilton's and Dean Rather's. –  starlocke May 26 at 16:05

How to install Google Hangout:

  1. Go to the Google+ Hangouts page and click in the Download Plugin button.


  2. Then you will see a list containing options with binary files, this page will read your system information and select automatically the best option for you. Click in the Download Link button and save the file in your computer.


  3. When the download is complete, open the file (double click over it).


  4. It will be open with the software-center, click in the Install button. If it request for your password, enter it.


  5. The installation will start there and, in the Progress label you will see a progress bar.


  6. After a seconds the install will end and you will see the status of this applications as Installed.


Now, in the previously visited download page, you will see that it's installed on your system and you can start to use Google+ Hangouts!


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Its again browser based. I was looking for a desktop app. Anyway, thanks for your help. Is it possible to use Hangout like Skype, I mean like a desktop app? –  TheKojuEffect Feb 26 '13 at 16:07
Oh, well.. I did never see that it could be used like an app. Let see if someone knows if its possible. And, when you say integrate Google+ account with Ubuntu do you mean like this or how? –  Lucio Feb 27 '13 at 20:12
Possibly adding the account the same way you'd add a facebook or twitter account to Online Accounts to use G+. @TheKojuEffect Why don't you make it a Web App?. –  Uri Herrera Feb 27 '13 at 20:23
@UriHerrera I'm agree with you. Also, the OP could install the Gnome Gmail and/or Gmail Notify. –  Lucio Feb 27 '13 at 20:32

The instructions listed are good, but if what you are looking for is the desktop version of Hangouts, then I recommend installing the Google Chrome extension. Go to http://www.google.com/hangouts/ and click the "Available for your computer" link at the bottom. Despite being a Chrome extension, it makes Hangouts live in their own windows outside of the browser.

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And due to it being a Chrome extension, it requires Chrome constantly be running (that's bloat right there), will crash with Chrome, etc. –  user Jan 19 at 22:35

You may use empathy as your Hangouts client for Google chat :-) I'm just using like that. simple n lovely. just Hangout smiley faces are missing which i think you can fix that with plugin (if someone made that)

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Empathy, as far as I know, does not support group hangouts. It's more than just the hangouts emoji missing. –  Jay Oct 7 '13 at 18:52
Yeah unfortunately the group chat doesn't work. It's fine for individual conversations but this is a sorely missing feature. –  Ken Sharp Apr 1 at 14:13

Is there any app that I can use to do Google Hangout from within my Ubuntu Desktop like Skype?

Try using Jitsi...


You can use your google account and also make video calls to your friends from the list. Also, if the other person is using jitsi client, the calls can be encrypted. I tried this today with my friend who had a google account and was using jitsi. The performance was decent. Please try with some one who has a google account but not the jitsi client and let me know. I have not tried the video conference feature yet.

For the second question i have no answer as of now :(

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Does it work with group chat? –  Ken Sharp Apr 1 at 14:14

Google offers their own Ubuntu client, it's pretty good.


It is kind of a Chrome hybrid, in that it does require Chrome to be running, but does create its own Desktop windows.

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It's a Chrome app so Chrome continues running in the background, along with some of the awful plug-ins that are sadly necessary. It does work with group chat, however. Annoyingly, though, it cannot be maximised. –  Ken Sharp Apr 1 at 14:14

Take a look here Hangouts extension It adds a button to chrome and tray icon. Good luck

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