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I am a die hard Debian fan when it comes to servers, however, the 5 year LTS support and the ability to install fresh packages such as samba4 on a server environment sounds very tempting. How Reliable would that be though? Mainly specd for small businesses, 50 users max.

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What kind of an answer do you expect, in a Q&A fashion as it is supposed to be like here and not an open opinion based discussion? Meaning, which statement would answer your question? How reliable: "this much"? Ubuntu Server is supposed to be used as a server and it is widely used. Problems can occur, as with any operating systems. Samba 4 was release in Dec. 2012, so it isn't very mature and you can be sure there will be updates (and maybe problems) ahead. –  Benjamin Maurer Feb 25 '13 at 16:34

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Well, I'm using Ubuntu LTS with Samba 4 since a few days and it works fine. I'm having a little home server used as NAS & HTTP-Server in my LAN, so I can't tell you what happens when many people work with it, as I only testet it with 3 computers at the same time. Maybe, if it is essential for the business, you should wait a bit longer, but for home use it's fine

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Agree with Benjamin Maurer, Samba 4 @Ubuntu 12.04 still in alpha relesase. U can see at synaptic package manager the version Samba 4 is alpha18.you can not expect more on this, especially for businesses which need high stability..stability is important u know what i mean ... the officially supported version is 3.6.3. Ofcourse like another linux, Ubuntu can be a Superior OS server.

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