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I would like to create backup from directory using cron. I wrote following command:

cd path && sudo zip -r "backup-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d").zip" git/ && sudo mv "backup-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d").zip" /backup/

when I call it from commandline then everything is ok. But when I put it to cron then it does not work. Log contains only part of this command and nothing more. What shall I do?

Crontab content:

* * * * * cd path && zip -r "backup-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d").zip" git/ && mv "backup-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d").zip" /backup/

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You should put that on a .sh file, chmod +x file, and then call that file from cron – LnxSlck Feb 25 '13 at 14:21
Please post the contents of your crontab file. – green Feb 25 '13 at 14:23
I know, i put it because it does not work ;) sorry for confusing you – szaman Feb 25 '13 at 14:29
Please follow @LnxSlck's comment ;) (you can use a pipe to a text file to output errors :) ) – Rinzwind Feb 25 '13 at 14:31
Try to use a full path for every command like /usr/bin/sudo instead of sudo – prophecy201 Feb 25 '13 at 15:10
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As requested i move this to an answer:

Put the commands you wan to run in a .sh file, for example:

1. vi

cd path && sudo zip -r "backup-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d").zip" git/ && sudo mv "backup-$(date +"%Y-%m-%d").zip" /backup/

Save and exit.

Run on a console

2. chmod +x

Call file fron cron with the periocity you want:

3. crontab -e

#Run every hour
0 * * * * /path/to/file/

Make sure the the user that uses cron to execute the file, has permissions to run the file.

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This happens because (crontab manpage):

The entire command portion of the line, up to a newline or % character, will be executed by /bin/sh or by the shell specified in the SHELL variable of the crontab file. Percent-signs (%) in the command, unless escaped with backslash (), will be changed into newline characters, and all data after the first % will be sent to the command as standard input.

As you're using % in your backup command, "you should put that on a .sh file, chmod +x file, and then call that file from cron", as suggested by LnxSlck.

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