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My requirement is as below.

  • I would first install ubuntu 12.04 on a rack server using an ISO image.
  • Install certain packages like kvm, openvswitch etc:-.
  • I should be able to repackage everything to a new installable ISO and not a LiveCD iso.
  • The new ISO image I should be able to place it in a PXE server and from next time onwards when I do a PXE boot of the rack server, it should boot up from the PXE image and get the ubuntu 12.04 installation done on the Hard Disk (with all the new packages that I've installed manually earlier).

Note:- - I'm not looking LiveCD ISO image creation. I tried remastersys, uck, reconstructor etc:-. Everyone provides me a LiveCD ISO rather than the repackaged installer ISO. - I do not want to use the LiveCD ISO because, I would be rebooting the rack server after the installation many a times as part of certain testing activity and I want any new data to be persistent across every reboot. (I do not want to go for any USB drive also).

Please help me in repackaging the ubuntu installer ISO with my pacakges (again not LiveCD iso). Appreciate all your help in this matter. I'm in an urgent need for this.

Thanks and regards


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